Ray has been in the furniture business for nearly 30 years but has a long history in design and art. 


At the tender age of 14, young Ray went off to art school.  There, he studied art history and specialized in oil painting. 


Ray always had a taste for design and color.


After art school, Ray worked in different areas including business management.

In 1990, he settled into the furniture business.  Five years later, Ray realized he was doing what he was meant to do. 


Today, Ray works with both commercial and residential clients in all areas of design.  Ray is a man with drive who pushes all projects through to completion with minimal delay. He is well known and revered among his clients for his passion and flair and takes great pride in meeting his clients needs.

Ray shares that one of his greatest accomplishments has been to build and retain a notably loyal list of clients over the years.  Even with a busy schedule, Ray is always willing to give his customers a 15 minute free consult at his showroom.  Take him up on his offer - you will not be disappointed. 

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