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Lucy is 8 years old.  She was adopted in 2006 after showing up at Furniture Co. and refusing to leave.  Yes, cats have a mind of their own and Lucy is no exception.  At one point, Lucy was taken "home" but she was so unhappy, she was returned to Furniture Co.  Lucy has lived here comfortably since.  No one argues this point - Lucy's the bossLucy has lots of friends - she counts everyone.  Customers always ask to meet Lucy.  It is said that if Lucy rubs against you - it will bring you good luck (or at the least, a smile).

toy:         Stuffed toy mouse (been retrieved
               from every corner of the warehouse.)

snack:     Temptations Mix Ups
               (Chicken, catnip & cheddar)

color:       Pink (girlie girl)

object:     Leather purses
               (if you leave it open, she'll dive in)

haves:      Lucy has to have leather collars
               (she is not fooled by pleather).

                 Her color these days: Sky Blue

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